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MKE placed as the top USA team in Obersee Masters Tournament
MKE Club teams to play at FON this Saturday
Don't miss our live interview with MKE LIVE September 26th!

Scheduled Play

January 7th : US National Indoor League Championship (PA)
May 27-28th: US National League Qualifier (Jackson, WI)
June 4th: Local WFA League Opener (Jackson, WI)
June 11th, 18th, 25th: WFA League (Jackson, WI)
July 1st: Phoenix Outdoor Open Tournament (Feasterville, PA)
July 8th: SSC Outdoor Open Tournament (Flanders, NJ)
July 29th: WFA Outdoor Open Tournament (Jackson, WI)
August 3-14th: International tournaments (Jona, Switzerland)
August 20th, 27th: WFA League (Jackson, WI)
September 1-2nd: US National Qualifier 2 (Flanders, NJ)
Sept 3rd, 10th:  WFA League (Jackson, WI)
September 16th: WFA Outdoor Fall Tournament (Jackson, WI)
September 29th: US National Semi-Finals (Merton, WI)
September 30th: US National Championship (Merton, WI)

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