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MKE placed as the top USA team in Obersee Masters Tournament
MKE Club teams to play at FON this Saturday
Don't miss our live interview with MKE LIVE September 26th!

Who is MKE Club?

This club was started by two elite fistball players, Steve Kucera and Jack Stern. The club was created to generate more energy into the fistball community. Want to play a high-level sport and travel the world doing it? There are tournaments throughout the year and across the globe, and USA fistball has only touched a small portion of these. 

Through sports, community growth, and the beautiful culture of Milwaukee, MKE Fistball's mission is to expand the great sport of fistball throughout the city, the state, and the entire USA. What better place to do just that than the great city of Milwaukee. 

Want to find out more? Navigate through our website and send us your information. Whether you are an athlete, a social media guru, event planner, photographer, or want to get your business involved, we are always looking to add to our team. MKE Fistball... "We're Here".



"Connecting Culture Through Sport"



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MKE Fistball Club Board Members

Steve Kucera
Steve KuceraCFO and Co-Founder
Possibly You!
Possibly You!Board Member
Jack Stern
Jack SternCEO & Founder
Keith Schweda
Keith SchwedaDirector of Public Relations
Jordan Blank
Jordan BlankPublic Relations/Marketing

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Connecting Culture Through Sport

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