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MKE Club News
MKE placed as the top USA team in Obersee Masters Tournament
MKE Club teams to play at FON this Saturday
Don't miss our live interview with MKE LIVE September 26th!

Competition Across the World

Fistball is an international sport, played on every continent of the world. The USA is making strives becoming more competitive in international play, competing in many events around the world. Such locations include Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Brazile, and Chile to name a few. Amazing how a sport is known across the world, yet, it is very quiet here in the states! That's why we created MKE Fistball. We're Here!


Fistball Media

It is nearly impossible to describe the sport of fistball in one or two paragraphs. That's why we share videos and images of fistball played here in the US and across the world. Not only is this a highly interactive sport, it also brings you to new experiences. We have traveled the world playing and meeting people from many countries. Sounds too good to be true, right?

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2015 IFA Championship

2015 USA Vs Argentina

2016 European Championship

2014 Women's Championship

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