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    MKE placed as the top USA team in Obersee Masters Tournament
    MKE Club teams to play at FON this Saturday
    Don't miss our live interview with MKE LIVE September 26th!

    MKE Fistball. We're Here.

    MKE Fistball is Milwaukee's newest and most exciting sports club. What is.... Fistball? What the heck is Fistball? Fistball in a nutshell, is volleyball on steroids. It's also much more than that, but we'll get to that later. 

    The MKE Fistball Club was founded by professional fistball athletes. We have traveled the world, played in beautiful countries, met lifelong friends, and played the sport at the highest levels in the world. 

    Our goal is simple. Connecting culture through sport; Bring as many athletes, volunteers, coaches, and fans into our fistball community. Want to be a part of something BIG? If you are interested to travel to other countries, compete at a high level, and play against the best fistball players in the world, then we welcome you home.

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    We believe in the power of sports to create meaningful benefits for society. Each donation means growth and expansion with a number of programs within your neighborhood and community. We make it a point to get to know our community culture, to learn about how we can support each other and to help address the challenges we all face along the way.

    “Connecting culture through sport”
    MKE Fistball

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